Art Prize

This was the third year for Art Prize in Grand Rapids and like the last two years, I’m amazed at the amount of people drawn downtown.  I personally think last year presented the best art, but there were still several pieces making it worth the trip.  I particularly liked the White Birch oil painting.  It was displayed at the Bob, so it was a win-win.  ;-)

It was neat to see the exhausted people rest on the Steelcase furniture strategically placed throughout the GRAM.  I’d have to say the most bizarre piece was by Tony Orrico.  Checkout the video if you missed it here:

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting 2011

No…I do not hold a Class A share of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A).  I could only wish, just today the stock jumped 1.14% or $1,300.  A few good GVSU IPO alumni friends and I decided to tag along this years annual trip. Already a Warren Buffet fan, I was surprised that my expectations were surpassed. After explaining their insurance underwriting loss due to earth quake damage (the biggest hit so far was Christchurch, NZ).  Buffett was of course on the hot seat for the David Sokol incedent.


Chicago Visit

Chicago river

A co-worker and I spent three days in Chicago for a SAP Workflow course.  While I certainly enjoyed the course, I was very excited to catch up with some friends and family that I’ve been meaning to visit.

Monday night Sara, Garret and I made it to a Cubs game and while they unfortunetly lost (not surprising this year), wrigleyville most definetly held up to my expectations — very authentic.  

Tuesday I took a walk to the Navy Pier (over rated) and then decided to hike all the way to the Taste of Chicago – lots of people!  You simply purchase tickets to try a diversity of foods including deep dish pizza and cheesecake.  Before my trip back, I was also fortunate to have a great lunch at bride-to-be cousin at Quartino (thanks for the recommendation Sara).

   Tast of Chicago

Australia and New Zealand

With my Uncle and Aunt now living the semi-retired life in New Zealand, I thought it was a good excuse to explore the other side of the world.  To my surprise we didn’t quite escape the Starbucks, US fast-food chains, not even American music (eg. we heard Alicia Keys in at least 3 cafes)…Within the last few weeks we met a handful of great people from all over the world and went tramping (hiking) through some of the most amazing terrains.  Please read more about these journeys on the travels page.

New Blog

Welcome to my new blog.  I’ve been trying to get myself to create a blog for some time now.  It only took a few weeks of vacation for me to find time to actually do it.  There is not much to it quite yet, but it was nice to have a place (other than FB) to put the details of Australia and New Zealand travels.  Please feel free to leave a comments.

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