WGRD Pond Hockey Classic

Kauai Island Video

Grease Monkey

When the autoshop told me that my front brakes and rotors needed to be replaced, I without much thought replied that I’d try to do it myself.  While this might not seem so crazy for some of you…the most I’ve ever done was change my oil.  Brake calipers and cotter pins were completely foreign to me.

I drove across the street to Autozone and asked for all of the tools and parts required to perform this miracle.  It was quite frustrating because every time that I’d ask, “is there anything else?” something important would pop into this guy’s head, so as you can imagine I asked this quite a few times.  To my surprise I spent $200 and left with even less confidence in my mechanical skills.  My Autozone helper even wrote his friend’s phone number on my receipt just in case I changed my mind. 

I’m not going to go into too much detail, but 5 hours later I did manage to replace my rotors and brakes.  It is embarrassing to admit it was quite a proud moment for me.  There is a indescribable satisfaction of working on a jacked up truck with the smell of grease in a garage heated only by a few work lamps.  I must give credit to tony who stopped by and filled me in on everything the youtube videos didn’t cover.   I hope you enjoyed the Oberons. 

Friends and Fireworks

We were able to catch the Celebration on the Grand fireworks from Eric’s River House condo. We were so close, debris landed on the balcony.

The Rusty Bike

Tony and I randomly decided to make it our goal to fix this old 1950′s bike.  After hours of cleaning the carbonator, tightening loose connections, etc. we found that there was a very large amount of rust in the tank.  We could practically hear it clinking inside.  Dear Sears, why couldn’t you be nice and use stainless steel?

After detaching the tank, repeatedly filtering out the gas into coffee filters …we were able to get the sucker pretty clean.  As seen below, our hard work paid off.

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