Google’s Self-Driving Car

During my first few years of driving my dad would always say, “drive carefully, there’s a bunch of [irresponsible drivers] on the road.” While it’s perhaps not Google’s main intention, they have taken the first step to solving this problem. If you have not seen Google’s latest innovation, the self-driving car, then you definitively need to spend the next three minutes watching this video (recently posted by Larry Page via Google+). In this video Google entertains us by putting a legally blind man in the driver’s seat for a computer-led trip to Taco Bell.

Related to Google’s self-driving car I wanted to also share a new venture called Udacity. Udacity is reinventing higher education by offering free online classes taught by prominent instructors. Today’s higher education requires two-thirds of 4-year undergraduate students to incur loans averaging over $23,000. Udacity wants to address our imbalance of education and CS 373 – Programming a Robotic Car is one of their latest free courses being offered in this endeavor. The course is taught by, Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford Research Professor and Google VP who has worked specifically with the self-driving car mentioned above. (He also presented the Google car @ TED 2011). My first Udacity course starts next month!

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  1. darci says:

    Well, that video was pretty cool. Maybe it’s a sign we’re one step closer to SkyNet taking over everything, assuming that’s not the case this is really exciting. How cool was that to see a blind guy being able to drive to Taco Bell and complete a drive-thru order? Amazing, and think of the possibilities for people with other disabilities, the elderly, etc.

    Also, what cool music in this video, I’ve been a fan of The Album Leaf forever and “We Need Help” is such a fitting song. Inspiring stuff, Google.

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